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We are the single source of truth to find the best working skincare

The problem we solve: every second purchase of skincare is wrong, since the product does not match the skin type and condition. As a result people get breakouts, allergic reactions and are unhappy and dissatisfied with the skincare.

The truth is that there are plenty of well-working and effective skincare products. 

We offer a skin coach: An app that scans the skin (with the smartphone camera) and can therefore match skincare products. It also considers personal preferences, such as purity of ingredients, price level, vegan / no animal testing. But we offer access to 80% of skincare products in our database.

We ask on daily basis our users to scan their face; hence we can start crowd clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of the used skincare.

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AI Engineer (master thesis or bachelor thesis)
Product Development
  • Stuttgart, Germany
Head of Marketing & Business Development
Marketing & Business Development
  • Stuttgart, Germany